A Sadistic Woman President’s Absolute Obedience Company

MLGS-198 A Sadistic Woman President’s Absolute Obedience Company

Sara, the female president that reigns over this company uses corporal punishment to spread fear to her employees by being tough and controlling, using them like mere toys for absolute obedience. Every morning starts off with a morning assembly where the president spreads fear with a barrage of whippings and punches. Whenever the employees fail to perform their duties, the employees will get 100 lashings of the whip. There’s also apologizing practice where if the employees have to apologize to the clients by licking their shoes and feet. The employees eat bread that’s been mixed with her Golden Shower and stepped on. They also endure breathing control by face-sitting and human-chair. Bonuses will be handed out to which the employees will receive 1000 yen per whipping. An employee is forced to lick the bathroom clean and also gets used as a human toilet by consuming her Golden Shower and Brown Shower. During one of the physical examination, the employee will be subject to an anal exam where the president uses dildos and strap-ons to inspect the rectal region. The president then uses her employee as a human punching bag, beating and kicking him to a pulp because she needed the exercise. When the sales numbers are low, she has the employees lay their dicks on the desk while she stomps on them with all her might. Now we start the day with the fearful morning assembly.

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