Human Guinea Pig : Experiment Slaves

MLYR-202 Human Guinea Pig : Experiment Slaves

Mistress Minami Nizimura uses masochistic men as human guinea pigs. She repeatedly experiments with training methods and the limits of human sexuality, such as the limits of torture and where the pain is felt the most. The experiments include: the limits of strangulation; the limits of endurance with punches; the limits of respiratory control with face sitting; the limits of anal dilation; the limits of urethral dilation; the limits of crotch splitting with a triangular wooden horse; the limits of face submerging upside down in a water tank; receiving anal lube with Mistress’ Brown Shower and testing the limits of his anal dilation with her fist. They also experimented with gas masks to make the slaves inhale the smell of golden showers, stun gun endurance experiments, air gun endurance experiments, experiments with feces in which the slaves were made to eat Brown Showers, experiments with blindfolds and given candles or canes to test their reactions, and tickle endurance experiments. The masochistic men are subjected to these experiments and are torn to shreds.

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