Mistress Mikako’s Live Training

MLWH-190 Mistress Mikako’s Live Training

Mistress Mikako Fujishiro has three slaves that she will be doing live trainings with. Upside-down hanging and being used as a human punching bag, face stamping with her feet and ass, floods of Golden Showers 4 times, sticking foreign objects in the ass, enema endurance, anal fisting, candle torture on a masochistic drag queen, training a mummy dog, feeding a dog wearing a nose hook, human toilet full of Brown Showers, face-fucking a strap-on to masochistic drag queen, excavating the urethra with a vibrating bougie, card playing with a whip, nose-hook dog, nose-hook horse, face-sitting chair (with the camera angle from underneath), wrestling dummies, and face kicking all done with Mistress Mikako’s beautiful smile in a live type situation.

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