The Agents that got Caught by a Sadistic Female Mob-boss

MLDU-192 The Agents that got Caught by a Sadistic Female Mob-boss

The story is about an agent who infiltrates the hideout of the local mafia but is caught by a sadistic female mob-boss. The female mob-boss interrogates him to see how much information he knows. However, the agent refuses to confess, so the boss enjoys torturing him one after another as a hobby. After a while, a junior agent comes to the rescue, but is caught after a scuffle, and is subjected to the same hellish torture. The female mob-boss tortures them with whippings, martial arts dummy, revenge porn, golden shower human-toilet, human pig, human trampoline, hot wax torture, face-sitting asphyxiation, biting, fire torture with cigarettes, water torture in a piss filled water tank, Brown shower human-toilet, strap-on fucking, double-fist anal torture, and branding, but the agents desperately try not to confess and fall prey to the torture, not knowing that it is more fun for the boss to watch the men struggle and suffer as she continues to torture them.

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