Young Girls that has Fun Torturing a Masochistic Man: Yuzu & Azusa

MLDE-014 Young Girls that has Fun Torturing a Masochistic Man: Yuzu & Azusa

An omnibus of 2 young ladies that have fun torturing 2 masochistic men. A few scenes of the same young ladies taking off their clothes and dancing provocatively for you. The young ladies playing cards on top of human cushions. One of the masochistic men in a cage is being teased by a young lady by showing her tits and pussy and playing with them just beyond the reach of where his tongue can’t touch them. 6 different scenes of human toilet Golden Showers. Having an electric massager strapped to a masochistic man’s dick to have him ejaculate automatically and collecting his jizz. Having nose hooks and mouth gags installed to make a masochistic man into human spittoon. One of the masochistic men having to strap an oral dildo to help with the lady’s masturbation. Doing hand-jobs 3 times, only to stop before they cum. Having a winner of a ejaculating competition with the electric massager as he gets to eat pussy while the loser gets whipped. A masochistic man gets crucified while being teased with provocative innuendo. A scene with extreme face-sitting where they can’t escape. Competition dick targeting with air-soft guns. Lastly a card game of heaven and hell where the winner gets to eat out both the pussies and the loser will be tortured with hot candle wax. Please enjoy the omnibus scenes of where the young ladies play with the masochistic men as their toys.

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