The Counterattack by the Rookie Pin-Up Model

MLTW-197 The Counterattack by the Rookie Pin-Up Model

The story begins where a rookie pin-up model, Aya is taken to a photo shoot by her manager. The photographer there starts to sexually harass her by taking extremely lewd poses and suggestively touches her. At first she was bearing with the harassment and kept working but alas, her patience ran out and flipped a switch where she counterattacked by painfully torturing him. While this was happening, the manager caught a glimpse and suggested that in order for him to find more jobs for Aya, she would have to please the manager sexually. Aya quickly turns the table and starts to treat him like a toy and tortures the manager. Now that Aya knows the true nature of the cameraman and manager, she brings them to her home and confined them to train both into becoming her slaves. At first the two were reluctant but Aya broke them down and the two found her torture pleasurable and slowly fell into becoming her masochistic slaves.

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